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Lemon Coconut Cookie


6 boxes with 8 x 15g Cookies in each box (48 single units)

Reminiscent of an Italian summer holiday gone by. The fresh spritz of limoncello, the sweet creaminess of gelato, the dulcet tones of Andrea Bocelli. Handpicked from the lemon tree on the cliff tops of the Amalfi Coast. A sharp sweetness of ripe lemons, the joy of silky white chocolate. Mesmerizing and intoxicating, totally breathtaking. You will get caught up in the festivity in Via del Corso. They will remind you of a Torta della Nonna. Sip the fresh lemonade. Soak up the sun. Kiss your lover. Let simplicity and the art of dolce fair niente wash over you. 

Less than 80 calories per cookie - Vegan - No refined sugar - No gluten - No artificial sweeteners - No sugar alcohols