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Dipped & Dusted Coconut & Dark Choc Nut Butter Bites


6 Boxes x 100g

The gateway to healthy hedonism. The shiny, luminescent path to buttery clouds of soft, fudgy peanut butter. Adorned in smooth, lush dark chocolate. Dusted in fine white snowflakes of island coconut. These are a gift from the gods, a secret from the vault. Lustrous like gold, they take like sunshine. Light yet decadent. Creamy and utterly dreamy. It’s a spoonful of hedonism, a drop of health. It’s riches to riches, sunrise to sunset. Drape yourself in decadence. Don your 24 carat gold. Be bold, these break the ordinary mould. 

No refined sugar - No gluten - No artificial sweeteners - No sugar alcohols - Low GI & good fats