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Dipped & Dusted Raspberry & White Choc Nut Butter Bites


6 Boxes x 100g

It’s the glimmer, the all-important shimmer. That raspberry dusting, the sparkle. The rosy, scarlet seduction, an intoxicating lustre. A flirtation of two. It’s the iridescent celebration of a wild berry harvest. A farmyard yield of glossy peanut butter. A soft, delicate pairing. A true salvation. Let the electric pop of raspberry zing stun you, the decadence of sumptuous peanut butter swoon you. Temptation no longer exists. You jump two feet in. You’re no longer in lust. You have found love in a trilogy - Raspberry, white choc and peanut butter. 

No refined sugar - No gluten - No artificial sweeteners - No sugar alcohols - Low GI & good fats